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DIV2 (GameMaker Pro/2000)

Does anyone know DIV2 aka GameMaker Pro/2000? It's a completly graphical IDE for DOS games. I bought it 1999 but never used it. The language is PASCAL like and very easy. There are build in function for most common things like moving a sprite into a direction, change palette, fading in/out screen, mode7 and stuff like that. You can do 2D but also simple 3D games. You can edit images, sounds and maps inside the IDE, it has a visual DEBUGGER and you can also create a full graphical setup program for your finished game. Very comfortable.
Here are some screens of the IDE and DEBUGGER of an included Arkanoid sample game.





I still wonder how modern it was. It also loads JPG files and you can play VIDEOS.

Some of the supported file formats: BMP, PCX, MAP, PCM, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M ...

Never heard of it, but it looks mighty interesting!

If anyone is tempted to try it (I sure am), I've found DIV Games Studio at archive.org (ISO image).