Game suggestions

Are you aware of modern DOS game that is not yet in DOS haven database?
Let me know in comments! :)

No Wolfenstein 3D mods, no SCI/AGI games.


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  1. Brad Smith says:

    A few days ago I released a DOS version of my game Lizard:

  2. kmbr says:


    We have a few DOS games in Spanish available in our page: Feel free to add them to your collection.

  3. tonim says:

    The nagual is where power hovers.

  4. Hey Sledge,
    there is a new DOS game in town:

    BTW, Dungeons of Noudar 3D still is listed as in development. I’m done with it and already working on something new ;-)

  5. RafiX says:

    I discovered your site today, and it’s missing (Polish only sadly) text adventure game called Otchłań

    Would be nice to see it there!

  6. Sledge says:

    Thanks everyone! New games added ;)

  7. Commander Zal says:

    Yet another new release!

    It’s a Roguelike written in QuickBASIC (and exported using QB64) by the creator of Kingdom of Loathing.

  8. Commander Zal says:

    Here’s a game I stumbled across today, looks like it was just released publicly:

    Loonies 8192

    A simple DOS-based puzzle game in 8 KiB which is based on the game mechanics of “Lumines”.

    Here’s the link to the official website:

    P.S. Thanks for making this website, Sledge. I absolutely adore this place. Love the look and the content, it’s just so cool!

  9. thp says:

    And another one, with VGA + AdLib sound (using DJGPP as compiler): Tetrepetete (original release date of DOS port: 2015-11-20), Website with screenshots here: Download here:

  10. thp says:

    This: — a Lumines clone for DOS (textmode / PC speaker).

  11. Michael Muniko says:

    There are new games made using Sierra’s SCI/AGI technology. They can be found here:

    • Sledge says:

      I know about them, but there are simply too many, and it’s not exactly what I’m after, if you know what I mean… But I agree it would be good to display them in some way (as well as Wolf3D mods). I will give it a thought :)

  12. darkhog says:

    Add DOS versions of old Free Lunch Design games (best known for Icy Tower), such as Operation Spacehog and Happyland Adventures (+xmas version of the latter). DOS versions of both are a little hard to track down, but they exist.

  13. Pat says:

    You should add Alone in the dark. It is one of the first survival horror games, and set the stage for games like resident evil.

  14. Michael Muniko says:

    I’ve created an expansion pack for Shaw’s Nightmare called Fotom Pak. It is now available at:

    Shaw’s Nightmare II v1.2 can be downloaded at:

  15. Hello there!
    Amazing (and much needed) site! There seems to be no love for our (g)old 486’s, unfortunately.

    I want to tell you about a game I wrote for the CGA Jam:

    It’s a real DOS game (requires protected mode, unfortunately). Runs fine on my 486SL-25Mhz (MS-DOS 7) and a Pentium 600Mhz (FreeDOS) and some 4MB RAM should be enough for smooth playing.

    • Sledge says:

      Hi! I actually played your game, just had not time to add it :) Great stuff btw. There were also two other DOS games in CGA JAM – Graviton and Perils of Treasure Mountain.

  16. Michael Muniko says:

    I have updated Shaw’s Nightmare to v1.9. Download it at:

  17. Great site! I’ve also created three DOS-games.
    Bloxinies made in 2013 (CGA, singe-player only):
    Bloxiniess II made in 2016 (VGA, Single and multi-player):
    Elephant Herding made in 2015 (Text-based, IPX multi-player):

  18. Michael Muniko says:

    I have released the sequel to Shaw’s Nightmare. It’s home page is here:

  19. Here is a game I made for a retro game jam. It plays in MS-Dos with CGA graphics.

  20. Raph says:

    There is a clone of flappybird here:

    The game is actually a PC booter (hence the name, /floppy/bird) but a .COM executable for DOS is also available.

  21. EJR Tairne says:

    Hi! There are several RSD Game-Maker releases from the past decade-and-a-half. Most recently, here are four short, deliberately sketchy new games from a game jam the summer before last:

    Shortly before that, Mike Perrucci released the puzzle game Wordlock:

    In 2002, Sean McNulty released a walk-and-punch game called Dead Awakening:

    In 2001, Brandon Enterprises worked on several games, out of which only a couple are complete or nearly so; Void Raiders and Terra:

    There are other games begun during the last few years which seem to have petered out, but which technically are still works in progress. I’d love to see Alan Caudel finish Dummy Duck 7 (, for instance. And I personally would love to finish either Byron Solomon ( or Bubble & Squeak ( But, time! Time. Never enough of the stuff.

  22. Michael Muniko says:

    I have a new game. It is called Fatuma. In this game you help a teacher complete the pupil’s work!

    Download it here:

  23. COVOXED says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention. On your page the 2004 version of Anacreon, a extremely well developed DOS game was not mentioned. It’s said to be more sophisticated than the Windows version. The source is open. And the additional scenario-packs from the later windows developments seem to work fine too. (But do not take my word for it, maybe it can result in bugs, later on, I do not know). Check it all out here:

  24. COVOXED says:

    WoW! I have been hanging out on tons of DOS-sites for years, but i have never seen this page before. Great great stuff! Hope more ppl will find it. Do you know if the version of ASCII SECTOR that you have is the last one for DOS, or if the later versions are unplayable in DOS? I could not figure it out after looking at the forums and wikis on the developers site.

    All the best,

    • says:

      This is the latest DOS version I was able to track down :) Unfortunately there is no archive of older versions on official website, so I’m not really sure if this is THE latest DOS version.

  25. Michael Muniko says:

    Here is a new Build engine game I have been working on that you might want to include in your website.

  26. Mateusz says:

    sorry for last comment without link (I entered it into the ‘website’ field, thought it would appear as a link.

    Two of my games you might want to include on your site:

    Emeritus Pong (2008, GPL)

    F-Tetris (2005, Freeware)

  27. Mateusz says:

    here’s a little tetris clone I wrote 10 years ago.

  28. Bad Sector says:

    So you may already know this if you browse /r/dosgaming although since the account you used to post about this site only has a single post, i’m mentioning it here:

    CGA Cave

    It is a small game i wrote. I made this small game over the last couple of days for my old IBM PC 5150 which has an original CGA card and monitor. The game was written in C – actually i made some simple CGA routines and wrote the game to test them. The gameplay is quite simple – you are inside a randomly generated cave with walls, monsters and gold. Your goal is to collect all gold nuggets while avoiding being eaten by the monsters. When you start you are placed at a random cell in the map and you cannot see the other cells. You move around with the number keys in the numpad and (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) and “bump” on things. You can Examine the environment and Listen for monster sounds which help you figure out your surroundings (find gold and see if a monster is nearby). If you encounter a monster, you have a chance of running away. Depending on how much gold you carry (the more gold, the harder to run away) you may make it or not. You can also drop gold (it is placed somewhere randomly in a hidden area in the map – if there isn’t an appropriate place, it will be placed in a visible random place) to increase your chances, but you’ll have to go and pick it up later. When you collect all 13 nuggets you win the game.

    The game is quite small (30k) and considering it runs on my IBM PC 5150, it should run on any computer with DOS (or DOSBox) and a CGA card (…or Hercules with simcga :-P).

    • says:

      Thanks, added! :)

      I actually saw your game at reddit first and then I noticed your comment here ;) So yes, I’m watching /r/dosgaming carefully! :)

  29. Thraka says:

    Programming Tools – FreeBasic

    Also, the Post Comment button is yellow on white which makes it hard to read.

    • says:

      Links to FreeBasic (and FreePascal) added.

      Buttons – thanks, I forgot to test site in IE ;) Should be OK now.