Crazy Computer Competition

Your girlfriend asks you to get rich. You’ve heard, that computer freaks become quite rich. So you participate in a computer challenge, where competitors use their machines in battles to show, who the best is. Travel through the history of computing, from mainframes to flatscreens! And explore the question, if newer is always better.

Created with the OHRRPGCE, a free and open game engine.


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  1. thp says:

    Nice game with some role-playing game mechanics and a self-referential love for old computers. Nice multi-room world with lots of complexity, but you can get away with ignoring most of it and just play for the fun.

    I won my first “computer fight” with some photocopier and some scrap I bought at the junkyard. Didn’t win the second fight, and then it was game over – but maybe should have upgraded my equipment after winning the first fight. Still, an enjoyable way to spend some time, and it’s not too heavy on the role-playing mechanics (which is nice).