RC car racing against time.


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  1. Bird says:

    Whoa, Mode 7 for DOS? The font reminds me of Wipeout. So just make the cars quicker and add some boost and jump plates and there you have an F-Zero. Would be just the enemies missing… but this is a rally game, so it’s a different genre of course. To be honest rally games barely use this, but you could actually make a championship against 100 AI racers in a time trial championship. Stack up some variables for the race times and that’s it.
    There is a lot of potential I’d say! Technically it feels brilliant, runs well on a powerful Windows 98 PC here. However you could make more out of Time Trial. Also, what about changing the colour of the checkpoints, that have been passed? They can get a bit confusing when they are next to another checkpoint. Anyways, great one!