Chuck Jones: Space Cop of the Future - May 31, 2017

Good news everyone! Looks like there is a brand new adventure game for DOS comingĀ – Chuck Jones: Space Cop of the Future. You can read more about pitfalls of developing a game for DOS at dev blog.

About the game:

You play as Detective Chuck Jones (no relation to the animator of the same name), a rough and tumble LA cop in the year 1976. While involved in a high-speed chase you have a car accident and are heavily wounded. To avoid death you are cryogenically frozen, many years in the future you are unfrozen and must track down and apprehend a dangerous criminal in a strange time by flying around the galaxy in your rocket powered El Camino, meeting interesting characters and solving puzzles.

Current target hardware:

  • 640k RAM
  • VGA graphics
  • 16Mhz Intel 286 CPU
  • Adlib compatible sound card

More info:


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