Retro City Rampage 486 – new MS-DOS game announced - June 30, 2015

From Retro City Rampage Facebook page:

rcr-486“I’m proud to announce Retro City Rampage 486, an MS-DOS port of RCR:DX. It will be free for all of you which own the PC+Mac version. It runs on old 486 PCs and requires 4MB of RAM, 3.7MB of HDD space. While ROM City Rampage was a fun *prototype* for the NES, this is a full on Retro City Rampage DX port with Story Mode, the Arcade Challenges and Free Roaming. It proudly demonstrates once again that RCR isn’t yet-another-retro-styled game, but something that could’ve actually been released in 1989 (this time, on PC). More details to come, but I couldn’t hold the excitement any longer.”


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