MagiDuck is a simple platform-game designed to work on 8088/8086 class computers (the first IBM PC:s) with a CGA-compatible display adapter. It runs in a tweaked 40×25 text mode, giving the game a pseudo-pixel resolution of 80×50 with 16 colours and text combined from 2 half height Ascii-characters.


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  1. Ancient PC says:

    Agree 100% with ‘Bird’ but must add my config had to be Fiddled With to get it to work: Config.sys, EMM, XMS, and replaced Dell keyboard to avoid CRASH needing Big Black Power Switch to reset … not . Does NOT AutoSense Graphics Adapter: scrambles screen on CGA and EGA ; VGA works fine & AutoSenses correctly on Old Big Iron 386DX-25 with 2 MB RAM and 105 Conner HD … from 1991. Tested with two graphics adapters: (1) ISA Video7 VEGA VGA [CirrusLogic CL-GD410/420] and (2) S3Trio64. Beautiful DOS game … Well Done!

  2. Bird says:

    The controls come close to perfection. It also looked different on a standard Windows 98 than on the screenshot here, which felt it was a bug, but a beautiful bug. Obviously it fights a bit with a small screen as of the low resolution, but it’s controllable. Beautiful DOS game.