Silly Knight

Good news everyone! XT-class related keyboard issues were patched in v1.1 (current). Just download and enjoy :)

Platformer game created for DOS game creation competition at Game is only using CGA text mode to render graphics (undocumented 160×100 16 color CGA graphics mode), sound is produced only by PC speaker. Navigate through castle, kill everything you can, sit on throne, rule your kingdom!

If played under DosBox, set machine= to cga.


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  1. Georgios says:

    Enjoyed much!!! Nice gameplay, liked the boots that give double jump, the doors that take you to another stage. In general a very nice game. I would prefer it to be much longer and have a story behind it.

  2. freaking says:

    sadly does not work on my olivetti m24. garbled screen.

  3. Caleb says:

    I get a runtime error 003 when I try to run it in dos 6.22

    • Sledge says:

      Let me guess – you unzipped the game under DOS with pkunzip, but you forgot to include “-d” switch, which restores directory structure stored in .ZIP file :)

  4. Ornia says:

    Hi, is the issue with the keyboard fixed on real xt machines ???


  5. Ian Austin says:

    This is a great little game, and despite being a bit short, it was loads of fun to play. Thanks for sharing such a great offering.

  6. Ornia says:

    Tried the game on my 2 xt´s and the keyboard dont work, just up and down in the menu selection, but then nothing. Any fix or idea to make it work on a real pc xt 8088 with cga ??? Regards.

    • Sledge says:

      It’s a known bug, I’ve already contacted the author of the game, hope he’ll fix it :) On 10 MHz turboXT clone it definitely looks playable.

  7. Cameron says:

    This was quite fun. I found it on reddit and was quite surprised to be so entertained by a dos game. Thank you Petr “AfBu” Kratinafor for making it.